The Devil in the Mirror article on the Christadelphians has now been translated into the Russian language at The Center for Apologetics Research



Writing various abstracts for Religious & Theological Abstracts (quarterly)


A research report investigating some of the theological teachings of the Christadelphians is to be published by Religion Analysis Service, Inc. This article is scheduled to appear in the Jan/Feb/Mar 2000 issue of The Discerner. Those interested in receiving this issue should visit R.A.S. at or write to: RAS, PO Box 22098, Robbinsdale MN 55422-0098


bulletNO LONGER AVAILABLE: "The Watchtower Entangled on the Web" can now be read at Randy Watters' site see next entry for details.


bullet"The Watchtower Entangled in the Web" in the current issue of The Discerner (Jan-Feb-March 1999 issue). This article explores some of the Internet resources available for researching the Watchtower. You can obtain a copy by contacting: Religion Analysis Service, Inc., PO Box 22098, Robbinsdale, MN 55422-0098. Or phone 1-800-5629153 or 1-612-5358715.


bullet"Why I Am Not a Bible Student" in past issues of The Discerner: Part one in the July-Aug-Sept., 1997 issue; Part two in the Oct-Nov-Dec., 1997 issue;and, Part three in the Jan-Feb-March, 1998 issue. This series critiques the modern day Russellites. Many of these independent groups broke away from the Watchtower during the reign of President Rutherford. In these articles I trace their history, theology, and methods used to proselytize others.