Witnesses Now for Jesus Convention

        I will be speaking at the 1999 Convention in Ringgold, PA. this October. The subject will be "Bible Students and Their Relationship to the Watchtower." This event is sponsored by Personal Freedom Outreach and Joan Cetnar. Among the guest speakers will include author David Reed and Duanne Magnani. For further details please contact the Blue Mountain Christian Retreat 1-570-386-2154 or myself.  Tapes are available through Personal Freedom Outreach. An application form is on my alternative religions page under "1999 Witnesses now for Jesus Convention."


Foundations for Faith Conference: Reasons to Believe

       Tapes of this presentation are now available at Midwest Christian Outreach. I will be giving a workshop presentation on Monday, March 29, 1999 at the Naperville Bible Church at 4:30 p.m. The title is "The Rise of Russellism." This is part of a four day conference sponsored by Midwest Christian Outreach. For more information please go to the MCO web site